Staff at Great Southern Bio Logic

Directors Jeremy Spencer and Meredith Spencer each have many years of experience in the field of environmental management, with backgrounds as officers with the state government environment department now known as the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW).

  • Jeremy Spencer

    Jeremy also has many years of experience in the private sector working as an Environmental Scientist, specialising in contaminated sites and other site specific environmental investigations. He is also a DPaW Accredited Dieback Interpreter and former Senior Regulatory Officer with the Department of Water. With such a broad spectrum of skills and experience, Jeremy can perform a wide range of professional environmental services, ensuring satisfaction of project requirements and regulatory conditions.

  • Meredith Spencer

    Meredith has over ten years experience in the field of environmental management working primarily in threatened species management, particularly flora conservation. Meredith is familiar with many of the species and vegetation complexes associated with south west and south coast ecosystems, together with legislative requirements and processes relating to flora conservation. She has developed environmental management planning and compliance documentation and utilises ArcGIS™ Geographic Information Systems as a key natural resource management tool.  With in-house ArcGIS™ spatial mapping capacity, Great Southern Bio Logic can present and analyse data to inform decision making and provide improved project management.